Hola Friends!

Hi everyone! I’m really excited to return to blogging. A lot has happened since I last wrote and I look forward to sharing all the news on my life back here in India.

After an enrichening journey through college for the past two years, I’m finally in the last semester of my Master’s program in Psychological Counseling and will graduate this May. The friendships and bonds I’ve built at Montfort are a great source of joy.  

I’ve found my sense of purpose working with children in distress. I wish to specialize in child and adolescent couseling because of the importance of early intervention in addressing psychological problems.

Apart from academics, I spend a lot of time at Shanti Bhavan with my peers and caretakers who are family to me. They constantly encourage me to try harder at the things I set out to do.  While on campus, I love reading bedtime stories for the little pre-schoolers and passing on my knowledge of psychology to the residential caretakers who play the role of surrogate parents for the children.

Unlike before, I’ve begun to visit my family back in my hometown in rural Karnataka more often. They look forward to my visits to hear stories about my life not just at college and in Shanti Bhavan but also about all the dreams I have for my future. I’ve learnt to accept my role as the ‘peacemaker’ in the family with humility.  

I thank each one of you for being a part of my life’s journey. Cheers to new beginnings!  


  1. God bless all your efforts. I'm really proud of all your accomplishments and I pray for greater ones in your future. You and the few girls portrayed in "Daughters of Destiny" are prime examples of the tremendous effect that nurture has in developing our characters.


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